Mark 63 Series

Company Name : Jordan

Sizes: (Note: 1/4″ (ONB) & 3/8 “{DN12) use 1/2” (ON15) body with reducer bushings)
  • Mark 63: 1/4″ (DN8) through 2″ (DN50)
  • Mark 64: 1/4″ (DN8) through 3/4″ (DN20)
  • Mark 63: 2-1/2″ (DN65) through 4″ (DN100) – Consult factory
End Connections
  • Threaded – FNPT, BSPT, BSPP
  • ANSI Flanges – 150#, 300#
  • DIN Flanges – PN10/16 , PN25/40
Body Materials
  • Ductile lron
  • Bronze
  • Carbon Steel -A216 WCB
  • Stainless Steel – SA351 CF8M
Trim Materials
  • 303 SST -Standard on Ductile lron, Bronze, or Carbon Steel valves
  • 316SST – Standard on Stainless Steel valves
Seats Materials:
  • Jorcote on SST – Standard
  • Other materials available – Consult factory
Diaphragm Materials:
  • Stainless Steel – Standard (450ºF (232ºC) temp limit)
  • Buna-Nitrile (200ºF (93ºC) temp limit)
  • Viton (450ºF (232ºC) temp limit)
  • Jorlon (450ºF (232ºC) temp limit)


Spring Housing Materials: Ductile lron (standard) Contact Factory for other materials

Service: Steam, oil, gas, air, chemicals, and water

Shutoff: ANSI Class IV

Maximum Dome Loading Pressure: the combined pres­ sure of the spring setting (psig) and dome loading (psig) must not exceed the body rating.


  • *C: Closing cap for adjusting screw
  • B: Bleed valve on spring housing (available only with option C closing cap above)
  • *CD: Closing cap/separated double diaphragm
  • CDF: Closing cap/separated double diaphragm and flow thru dome
  • CF: Closing cap/flow thru dome
  • *H: Handwheel and packing box
  • F: Flow-through spring housing. Permits “in-oil-line” installation for fuel oil atomization and steam atom- izing systems. Reduces the possibility of the oil asphalting on top of the diaphragm
  • *D: Separated double diaphragm (prevents mixing fluids in case of ruptured diaphragm)
  • DF: Double diaphragm/flow thru
  • HP: High pressure spring housing
  • H: Handwheel and packing box
  • HF: Handwheel/flow thru dome
  • HDF: Handwheel, double diaphragm/flow thru dome

* Available for Mark 63 and 64. Other options only available for Mark 63

* Low Flow Trim: reduced Cv’s (Kv’s) can be placed in any size valve as long as it is smaller than the standard Cv (Kv) for that particular size.

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