Brass Flowmeter

Brass Flowmeter
Part Code: RVM/U-L40024 G1/4″BRASS FLOWMETER


Our Flowmeters have been used on welding systems for a continuous period of years where a dependable and accurate constant flow of welding gasses are required from the reservoir to the welding head. One application is for TIG Welding which uses an electric torch and a filler rod to weld metals together. The arc generates heat which is used to melt a filler rod onto the two pieces of metal , forming a weld. A flow of gas is needed to shield the molten metal by blanketing it properly to avoid atmospheric contamination, which can lead to increased levels of oxidation or even porosity of the finished weld. Our Meister Brass Flowmeter is set to a specific delivery pressure and we also provide a valve that allows adjustment of the amount of flow that will be read on the assembly. Flow rates can vary and our Meister Flow Meter it is perfect for this environment which improves efficiency and ensures a quality weld as part of the Tig Welding System.


Very cost effective, Good delivery dates of 2-3 weeks, high flow rate accuracy, available in varied ranges, sizes and materials.

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