Circle Seal Relief Valves

Circle Seal Relief Valves
Circle Seal Part Code: 532B-4MP-7 C/W T0190


Our customer needed a reliable relief valve that provided repeatable results over a long term period. The manufacturer of medium pressure tanks that store both inert and volatile gasses (Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen) at a wide range of temperatures tested several designs and was able to confirm that the Circle Seal Relief Valves were accurate after several series of tests and provided a zero-leakage seal over a long period of use. The Circle Seal Relief valves offers solutions for temperatures of −320° F to +400° F (−196° C to +204° F).


Offers ZERO leakage , accurate set pressures when working on the bulk storage of liquid nitrogen, argon or oxygen for gaseous supply applications, 2-5 Day delivery from stock.

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