We are a valve and instrumentation supply company that supply a wide range of products for both standard and specialist industrial applications.

We supply to a wide range of market sectors including Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Food & Beverage, Formula 1 Motor Racing, Semi-Conductor and Power Generation. Our aim is to provide engineering solutions with a high standard of customer service.

Our Products

Tamo’s speciality is Pressure, Flow, Temperature equipment and engineering design. We offer a range of equipment, many of them certified to ATEX, I.S , SIL and in many cases full Material traceability.

Relief & Check Valves

Tamo offers a wide range of zero leakage relief and check valves. Our valves and instrumentation are suitable for applications from full vacuum to +725 Bar and temperatures from cryogenic to +400 C.

Flow Control

Our extensive range of flow meters can provide solutions from simple flow indicators to complex flow measurement systems.

Electronic Interface

Tamo offers a large range of electronic interface of zenner barriers, converters, switching amplifiers that give a protection method for instruments installed in hazardous areas.

Pressure Measurement

Our extensive range of pressure switches, vacuum switches and differential pressure switches can meet the requirements of most applications.

Temperature Measurement

Our range of temperature switches, probes and transmitters offer you a high performance and accuracy.

Manufacture and Modification

Tamo’s focus on engineering design and bespoke solutions has built strong customer partnerships over the years as a trusted supply chain partner. Tamo can work with you from conceptual design to finished product on a range of applications from manifolds to full control panels incorporating various final elements, controls and displays.

Company Profile

TAMO also produce custom Instrumentation for special or OEM applications as well building systems, panels and test rigs for our clients. Our flow & pressure instrumentation is suitable for a wide range of flow & pressure applications. Using mechanical & electronic instruments.

Meister Get into the Flow - From Tamo

Our History

TAMO has for over 25 years been involved in outsource manufacturing.

This originally was mainly for customers purchasing components from us who were looking at assembly outsourcing and saw the advantages in outsourcing a control panel, test rig or system to a supplier of one of the major components. Assembly outsourcing has increased tremendously over the past few years and we have been involved in the assembly outsourcing of control panels, test rigs and systems even where they have not previously been supplying components.

TAMO are certified by the BSI to ISO9001:2015 and are a member of the British Cryogenics Council.

We are based close to Heathrow Airport and the M4 & M25 which offers us superb communication and transport connections that enable us to support our clients in the UK and on an Export basis. Started in 1959 we have constantly developed and expanded our range of products and services to ensure we continue to offer the very best in Valves, Instrumentation and Special Control Systems.

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