Company Name : Georgin

SMART Transmitter:

  • 4-20mA + HART protocol

Span limits:

  • -1 to 100 bar


  • 16:1


  • 0.1%

Relative pressure transmitter

FKP series – ProcessX family

Power supply:

  • 10.5 to 45 VDC

Process wetted parts material:

  • 316L stainless steel

Process connection:

  • direct

Burnout signal according:

  • NAMUR NE43 recommandations

Long term stability:

  • 10.5 to 45 VDC

Dsiplay :

  • +/-0.1% of maximum span / 10years


  • Local analog or digital Indicator
  • Intrinsically safe version
  • Explosion proof version
  • FM, CSA and IECEx certification
  • Stainless Steel electronic housing

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