Company Name : CVS

  • 1 through 6 Inch
Shutoff Classifications:
  • HPX2D 1-⅞ Port Diameter and smaller: Class II
  • HPX2D 2-5/16 through 3-⅝ Port Diameter: Class II Standard Materials
  • HPAX5T Class V Standard Materials
End Connections:
  • ASME Class 900 and 1500. 2 Inch ASME Class 2500 also available. Raised Face and Ring Type Joint.


Flow Characteristics:

  • Equal Percent, Modified Equal Percent, Linear.

The HPX Control Valve is a rugged single port high-pressure globe valve, with metal seats, quick-change trim and push down to close plug action.

The HPX2 uses a balanced valve plug, and piston rings are used to provide the seal between the valve plug and cage.

The HPX5 uses a balanced valve plug, and a pressure-assisted spring seal to provide the seal between the valve plug and cage.

For standard cages, the flow direction is flow down.

CVS Series HPX Valves are available in the following body materials – LCC, WCB, WCC, WC9, C5, Monel, and CF8M SST.

Sour Service Capability

Optional NACE MRO175/ISO 15156-2009

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