20101020111350-MD Low Range Pressure Diff

Low Pressure Differential Switch for Liquid Gas System (Orion “MD Industrial” DP Switch)

20101020111350-MD Low Range Pressure Diff

Our client had a system where he needed to maintain a maximum/minimum level in a liquid gas system. He wanted a switch that would power his pumping system and top up a liquid gas tank to a certain level and then switch off automatically when the fill level was achieved. The Switch would act as an auto-level sustaining system.

We also had a cost constraint for this application so we not only had to meet our clients demanding technical specification but he only had a fixed budget to achieve this control system, if his overall system was to remain competitive.

We selected the Orion MD Low Range Pressure Difference Switch this switch can sense differential pressures as low as 1.5mbar. We used this switch to connect P1 to the top of the tank and P2 to the bottom of the tank. We worked out what the weight of the liquid gas would be when the tank reached it low set point and again for the weight at the high point. We then select a switch where the contacts would be open until the pressure (weight) of the gas dropped to our set point; our contact would then close and power the pumping system. The switch would then reset and go to the open position when we reached the maximum fill level.

By using a Differential switch we automatically compensated for the changing gas pressure above the liquid gas and as such our switch would give a solid reliable auto-fill every time and by using the Orion Switch we were able to do this under the clients budget.

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