Ducati Certificate of Appreciation

“We are thrilled to share a momentous achievement with you all. Our team has recently been honoured with the Ducati Certificate of Appreciation for our contribution to Ducati’s stellar success on the world stage as World Champions.

Our relationship with Ducati has been based on innovation and a shared commitment to technical excellence. This certificate demonstrates that the remarkable collaboration between our organizations produces excellent results.

Ducati’s relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of motorcycle engineering and racing has not only resulted in numerous victories but has also inspired riders and enthusiasts worldwide. We are proud to have played a small part in Ducati’s journey and to have witnessed the brand’s ascent to the pinnacle of the motorcycle industry.

We are proud of our Tamo Values which seem to align well with customers like Ducati and we are encouraged that together we can achieve the best of successes.

We are excited about the future and look forward to furthering our relationship with Ducati, as we continue to strive for greatness in our respective fields.

Thank you, Ducati, for this prestigious recognition, and thank you to our dedicated team members whose hard work and dedication made this achievement possible. We proudly display this certificate on our website as a symbol of our shared success”.

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