R6000 series Relief Valve

16 September 2010

Available in low, medium, high and extra high pressure models, the R6000 series right angle relief valves provide users with high accuracy and consistency of cracking and reseat pressures.

Furthermore, narrow pressure ranges (cracking pressures) for each model can be pre-set according to customer specifications.

PED certification and CE marking are standard for all models.


Low Pressure (5 – 550 psig)*

Zero friction poppets

• Increases accuracy of cracking pressure and reseat pressure.

• Improves consistency of cracking pressure and reseatpressure.

Encapsulated Seat Seal

• Maintains small contact surface area.

• Protects seat from erosion due to flow.

Raised seal lip on poppet minimizes contact with seat,eliminating friction and preventing overstressing of the O-ring

6 pressure spring ranges improve accuracy

Caps and bonnets are pre-drilled for lockwire

High Pressure (150–6000 psig)

3 models available:

• Medium (150–2500 psig)—6 spring ranges improve


• High (150–5000 psig)—7 spring ranges improve accuracy

• Extra High (5000–6000 psig)—one spring

Delta stem seal design prevents friction which increases accuracy of cracking pressure and reseat pressure.

Balanced poppet design allows cracking pressure to stay the same regardless of backup pressure.

Orifice sizes: 0.082”, 0.094”, 0.188″

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