Jordan Sliding Gate Valve Seats

Jordan Sliding Gate Valve Seats

Jordan Sliding Gate Valve Seats

Simple Concept, Superior Performance

Straight Through Flow

The control element in the Jordan Valve sliding gate design is perpendicular to the flow, unlike the traditional globe style design. With the straight thru flow design, the sliding gate design reduces turbulence & provides superior trim life.

Short Stroke, Fast Response

The total stoke length of a sliding gate valve is just a fraction of the equivalent globe or rotary style valve. In pressure regulators, the length is typically 1/3 that of a globe valve, reducing the amount of droop (deviation from set point) in the regulator. In the Jordan control valve, the stroke length can be as little as 1/6 that of a conventional globe or cage guided design. This allows the use of smaller actuators, reduced air consumption & weight. 

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