Series 2815 High Pressure Regulator

Company Name : Hale Hamilton

Description: Series 28 is a range of spring-loaded regulators that provide a flow of gas or liquid at controlled pressure. The outlet pressure is substantially unaffected by flow rate but it does drop slightly as the inlet pressure is increased. The regulators are made using NACE compatible materials and are suitable for hydraulic or gas applications in sour gas and salt spray environments such as wellhead control panels. The outlet pressure is set by turning the control knob. Depending on outlet pressure range, the internal mechanism uses either a piston or a diaphragm to isolate the process fluid from the spring compartment. The range of outlet pressure is set by the diameter of the piston or diaphragm and the strength of the spring. A locked outlet type is available which can be adjusted using a spanner. A relieving valve is included in the mechanism. This vents the outlet pressure to a spill port if it is higher than the set pressure. Additional outlet ports can be provided for gauges and/or relief valves. A panel mounting kit is available.
Standard Types:
  • JSeries 28 consists of several types which have a consistent naming system. The type name is made up of two parts – letters and numbers
  • nn is “15” for the low flow rate version; for a higher flow rate see the “20” series
  • nn is “25” or “26” for the hard (metal seated) version
  • GLDnn – diaphragm type – good sensitivity at low outlet pressures
  • GLPnn – large piston type – suitable for intermediate outlet pressures
  • GHPnn – small piston type – suitable for high outlet pressures
  • GXPnn – extra small piston type – suitable for very high outlet pressures
Standard Materials:
  • Body: Stainless Steeld
  • Valve: Stainless Steel
  • Valve Seat: PEEK or Stainless Steel (GHP25 & GLP26)
  • O rings and Diaphragm: Nitrile
  • Back up rings: PTFE
Standard Specification:
  • Inlet pressure: up to 465 bar (6750 psi) for gas, up to 690 bar (10000 psi) for liquid
  • Temperature range: -20 to +70°C (extended temperature range versions can be supplied)
  • Regulators for gas service have a filter in the inlet

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