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Price Breakthrough in Precision Sealed Digital Pressure Gauges

Wasco Sales and Marketing, a leading and well-established company, based in Santa Maria, California, has announced a new line of sealed digital pressure gauges.  

Wasco has been supplying industry with components to monitor and control pressures and vacuums for quite some time now with large clientele the world over. Customers include companies in the Process Control, Semiconductor, Defense, Automotive, Medical, Fire Suppression, and Alternative Energy industries.

Wasco pressure switches and gauges are designed to provide high accuracy even in harsh conditions, and over wide temperature variations. These sealed digital pressure gauges, not only show the pressure on a digital display, but can also transmit the readings electronically to a central process control system. They are manufactured with the same high precision methods as all of Wasco’s products, and are micro-machined and laser welded, to keep out any surrounding water or chemical substances. Furthermore, they are certified to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association 4X standard for package integrity. 

The gauges measure pressure to the superb accuracy of one quarter of one percent, and operate over a wide range of pressures between 15 and 7,000 pounds per square inch. Metric and custom ranges are available to special order.

The key advantage for this new line is the dramatically more attractive price point. While keeping the same high quality and accuracy, with this new line Wasco is changing the game for pressure gauges. The much more affordable price brings precision engineering to a much wider range of applications. These compact gauges will be used in Refrigeration, Pumps, Hydraulics, Process Control, Pneumatics, Agriculture and Waste Water, to name a few potential uses.

What is more, the 3 inch gauge is easy to read, and stores high and low set points, which may be programmed with a keypad.  Each gauge includes a 30-day battery backup, in case of electrical power failure.  The gauges include a temperature compensation feature, so the pressure reading is not affected by changes in temperature.  Standard and custom connection sizes are available.

With this line of Sealed Digital Pressure Gauges, Wasco continues its tradition of providing its customers with robust and precision instruments at very affordable prices. 

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