Jordan MK70/701/702/74 series sliding gate control valves

Product description

The Jordan unique sliding gate control valve trim can be used with pressure, temperature, pH, level or flow controllers for fast response, long term reliability and high levels of accuracy on steam, gas, liquid and chemical services.

  • MK70 series control valve – standard series
  • MK70PG series control valve – a pump governor valve
  • MK701/702 series control valve – for higher capacity requirements
  • MK707 series control valve – features equal percentage flow characteristics
  • MK711 series control valve – linear control valve up to DN150
  • MK74 series control valve – with bellows stem seal for leak free performance
  • MK76 series control valve – an “on-off” control valve

Cv Ratings:

  • Up to 395 Cv

Pressure ratings:

  • Up to 100 bar


  • DN8 to DN 150

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